Building An Animal Training Program

Training an animal is one thing but building an actual training program with a specific system is another. There are many details we have to think about to make a program work within a zoological facility. A program doesn’t start with the animals but with the zoo itself. A well organised management team with modern thinking is a necessity to be successful. If the management team doesn’t believe in the pros of training there will be difficulties from the outset. 


Communication in Animal Training

It is known and also shown in multiple articles that a large and important part of our communication is non-verbal and vocal. Training our animals is all about communication and understanding. When we train our animals, we have to communicate in a way that we and animals understand. It is about conveying what we desire from the animals and reading what the animals want from us through body language and behavior. When training fails it is most likely due to a communication failure. This snippet describes what to keep in mind.


How To Write an Animal Training Plan

There are several models and frameworks for writing a training plan. Where some are very extensive and complex, it can also be preferable to have a simple model. Mostly you have to deviate from your original plan, continuously adjusting your plan according to how your training develops. In this snippet are some tips & tricks about writing a training plan with some example files.


The Five Minute Principle in Animal Training

Animal training is often seen as luxury and a common concern is that there is not enough time to include animal training in the daily routine of zookeepers. Especially for zoo institutions or other animal facilities that just get started it is difficult to find the time, and together with all the other challenges within animal training it can be overwhelming. From a nice presentation from Barbara Heidenreich, I've got some tips & tricks about time management in animal training I'd like to share with you. 

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