Why I (Finally) Started My Blogsite A Year Ago

After months and months of playing with this idea in my head, I finally launched the website at 08.06.19. It was a moment of success to see my own build website via google. To type your domain in the browser and 'bling', it was there on the internet. Maybe I did even feel a bit of proud. Even a bit scared, perhaps, when it was finally there. Not only had it no content at all. It was also real that my idea started now to get shape. But the idea was there much longer. The idea to share my experience. The idea to help other zookeepers, by creating a platform of useful snippets of valuable knowledge. With practical guides, with ready-to-use hand-outs, with links to research papers, books and journals.  Why did I (finally) start ZOOSnippets a year ago?


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