Using a theoretical and practical approach we will explore the different facets of planning, implementation, evaluation and re-adjustment of enrichment programs. Looking through the lens of promoting agency we will analyse how to achieve enrichment success in both the physical and psychological engagement of an animal whilst aligning with species specific ecological needs. Thinking outside of the realm of standard enrichment, this course will challenge the norm and help you expand enrichment ideas to incorporate different senses, materials, technologies and concepts. You will also have access to implementation tools and frameworks to help maintain successful enrichment programs.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the scientific principles behind animal welfare and how enrichment can play a vital role in promoting positive animal welfare
  • Be able to identify species-specific behavioural needs as a basis for enrichment design
  • Have learned about the pros and cons of certain (types of) enrichment
  • Have learned about the difference between 'enrichment' and 'the basic needs' of animals
  • Be able to apply a structured framework to creating, implementing and evaluating enrichment in theory and in practice
  • Have explored ideas on how to incorporate agency and cognition into enrichment items
  • Have used innovative thinking to extend enrichment possibilities October 2019


  • Background on current enrichment utilised by participants
  • Principles of Enrichment, Animal Welfare and (socio)-ecological needs
  • Innovation and think out of the box
  • From idea to achieved goal; Evaluation and assessment of enrichment and behaviour
  • Group work on creating your own enrichment
  • In the field enrichment and evaluation
  • Presentation from an Enrichment Working Group
  • Presentations and feedback of enrichment evaluations

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