EAZA is proud to announce the launch of its first Animal Welfare Forum. The Animal Welfare Forum will bring together up to 200 representatives of zoos and aquariums, welfare organisations and academic institutions for three days of workshops, presentations and other activities, discussing and highlighting an evidence-based approach to animal welfare and bridging the gap between welfare research and application.

With new advances in animal welfare research and understanding, it is important that we are able to employ this science in our collections to ensure we are doing everything we can to promote positive animal welfare. The first session is solely dedicated to this theme with a direct focus on animal welfare assessment.

The programme is then structured to reflect Mellor and Beausoleil’s (2015) extended Five Domains of Animal Welfare model. The four Physical/Functional Domains: Nutrition, Environment, Health & Behaviour and the one Affective Experience Domain: Mental State. Each domain is explored with the lens of the bridging the gap theme, focusing on how we can implement the research in each of these areas within the our zoos and aquariums.

There is more coming!

This is the initial programme release, we are currently working on expanding presentations and workshops in a number of areas of the programme, particularly concerning affective states. We are exploring welfare research across all animal science fields which can offer teachings that can be extrapolated and add to our knowledge in the zoo community!

Join our Facebook group 'EAZA Animal Welfare' for updates on the programme, and keep an eye on this website.

Please note: All programme details were correct at the point of programme release. However, details may be subject to change. Refunds cannot be given due to programme change.

More info on: EAZA Animal Welfare Forum 2020 website

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