3rd edition of the Research Training Workshop! This time the theme is 'Animal Welfare and Evidence-Based Approaches'

Limited to 35 participants.

Promoting predominantly optimal animal welfare is one of the goals of professional organisations housing wild and domesticated animals of a variety taxa, whether housed in zoos, aquariums, sanctuaries, research facilities or other. To understand how animals are doing and feeling, we need to use a cross-disciplinary and mixed methods approach in order to try to gain insights in the physiological and psychological welfare, ranging from negative to positive. Some research can be done by observation, or by collecting samples such as hair or faeces animals have left behind in their living space. To answer other questions, we might need the collaboration of the animals, for them to participate in their care such as weighing, blood and breath collections, solving cognitive and physiological challenges posed, or indicate whether they can perceive something or not. Collaborating with animals through good human-animal relationships, two-way communication and positive reinforcement are at the core of developing research training programs. This 3rd research training workshop will focus on animal welfare and evidence-based approaches. On training that promotes positive welfare while gaining insights into a wide variety of animal welfare related topics. The workshop will also focus on the importance of translating what we know through science into practices and opportunities for animals, and the need for short- and long-term monitoring and evaluation of animal welfare.

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