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How To Breed Dubia Roaches Successfully (Ultimate Practical Guide)

Dubia roaches, also called Guyana orange spotted cockroaches, are one of the most known insects used as a food source for zoo animals. They are an excellent feeding source, especially for animals that require larger insects. Think of mongooses or primates, but numerous reptiles favour them as well. Many suppliers can deliver cockroaches in constant and large quantities, but it may be interesting to breed them yourself. They are easy breeders when you maintain your dubia colony in good condition. This practical guide increases your prospect to create a self-sustaining cockroach breeder colony to use as feeder insects for other animals in a zoo and animal facilities. This guide contains information on how to care for them, how to house them, and to make an easy set up for breeding cockroaches to maximize your supply of a healthy food source. Make yourself ready to breed dubia cockroaches successfully with this easy how-to guide. 


A Need For Appropriate Challenge In Environmental Enrichment

Imagine a life without challenges: every day the same routine, without any new experience, new information, same food prepared in the same way. A life without opportunities or problems for you to overcome. Such a life would be rather dull and boring, lacking the satisfaction of personal development and growth. Could this also be the case for animals? Animals living in the wild have to face many challenges. Think of predation, social competition or finding a partner to produce offspring. Also, the environment itself set many challenges for the animals: weather, illness, and food and water availability. On the contrary, animals in captivity often live in an environment which is simple, predictable and monotonous. Challenges are limited and infrequently or not present at all. You might expect that it is relaxed for the animal and that it can enjoy its life. But is it? Might animals suffer from a lack of challenge in their life? In this article, I want to accentuate the importance of 'appropriate' challenge in environmental enrichment. 


Why I (Finally) Started My Blogsite A Year Ago

After months and months of playing with this idea in my head, I finally launched the website at 08.06.19. It was a moment of success to see my own build website via google. To type your domain in the browser and 'bling', it was there on the internet. Maybe I did even feel a bit of proud. Even a bit scared, perhaps, when it was finally there. Not only had it no content at all. It was also real that my idea started now to get shape. But the idea was there much longer. The idea to share my experience. The idea to help other zookeepers, by creating a platform of useful snippets of valuable knowledge. With practical guides, with ready-to-use hand-outs, with links to research papers, books and journals.  Why did I (finally) start ZOOSnippets a year ago?


ZOOSnippets turns 1

Yes! It is already the one-year anniversary of this website ZOOSnippets. And WOW, what did this first year went fast. One year ago (08.06.19) I launched this website with the ambition to make helpful knowledge available for all (zoo) animal keepers. A platform where keepers could search for information about multiple zoo-related topics, practical handouts, and links to interesting papers. An inspirational platform for environmental enrichment design, enclosure design, and much more. 

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